Comparable Performance Centers

The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO
 perfhallThe newly remodeled Lincoln Center is successfully offering the business community of Fort Collins a valuable meeting space in the evenings, in addition to its performance space uses for the arts community. Jill Stillwell of the Fort Collins Cultural Services Department welcomed Executive Director of Downtown Boulder, Inc., Sean Maher, and Mary Ann Mahoney of the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau, among lincoln-center-8-16-11-0030-rothers, to exhibit data regarding the Lincoln Center’s feasibility as a venue. Jill provided a 90-minute tour of the facility, as well as a Q&A session regarding data from renting the space for meetings and performances. If you haven’t seen the Lincoln Center since it has been remodeled, we strongly suggest that you make your way north to take in a show and see this facility! What a contribution it is making to life in Fort Collins.

hollandThe Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha, NE
John Peterson and Boulder Center President, Judy Reid, visited the Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha. It was built in 2005 and is much larger than Boulder Center’s projected size at 2,000 seats, but has much in common with what we are planning. The land was obtained from the city and the center was built with private funds. It also has a small flexible space (“black box”) with possible seating of 300. There are two large lobbies that are used for many different types of business or social events. The acoustics in the halls are wonderful, the design is beautiful and the center has every detail imaginable. John’s friend, Mike Yanney, who was involved in the project, gave us good advice and counsel. The President and Executive Director, Joan Squires, also offered us any help and assistance she might be able to provide. Should anyone be in Omaha, we would strongly encourage a visit.