Feasibility Study

In 2013, Duncan Webb was contracted to perform a feasibility study for performing arts facilities.  Webb Management Services is North America’s leading provider of development, planning and consulting services for arts and creative entities. Other local projects include Stapleton, Parker, Fort Collins and the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

Phase 1 Needs Assessment
Completed in 2014.  Webb recommends a mid-sized hall of 500-700 seats and a smaller hall of 200-300 seats for events. From “Recommendations” in the report:

  • Most existing facilities (in Boulder) are of low to average quality.
  • There is a strong resident market for the arts in Boulder…(and) significant demand for new performing arts space.
  • New performing arts facilities can help Boulder reach goals around downtown and community development.

Phase 2 Business Plan
Completed in 2015. Phase 2 addresses operating goals, collaborations, governance, facility management and staffing including a pro-forma operating budget.

For the complete report, contact us via email and we will send you a copy!