Are you working with CU?
Yes.  Frank Bruno, a BCPA Board Member, was Vice-Chancellor and guided us through many meetings to explore collaborations.  We will continue to work with the university as more specific plans develop.

Are you working with the Dairy?
Absolutely.  The Dairy cannot accommodate a 700-seat auditorium at its present location.  We are exploring the possibilities for an operational partnership in the future.

Isn’t Macky enough?
Macky is beautiful!  However, first priority for booking goes to CU’s needs.  At 2,052 seats, Macky is too large and expensive for regional groups, it offers no auxiliary facilities for events and rehearsal space, it is not equipped for digital performance technology, and easy access is unlikely to improve.  It is not within walking distance of restaurants and other services.

Who will pay for this?
We are exploring options that would fund the facility through private donations with the potential for public/private partnerships for land and parking.

Where is it going to be?
Our consultant focused on a 14th & Canyon location, but as we know things are fluid right now in Downtown Boulder, and we are flexible and open to all opportunities.