City Plans

The City Council accepted the Masterplan for Boulder’s Civic Area in June 2015.

Council action on the adoption of the Community Cultural Plan is scheduled for November 2015.

Highlights of the Masterplan for Boulder’s Civic Area:

  • Addresses non-commercial development of the area along Boulder Creek from 9th through 14th Streets and north as far as Canyon Blvd.
  • The “heart of Boulder” is to be developed with “civic” uses to complement the commercial focus of the Downtown Boulder Mall.
  • Locations for a performing arts and meeting site are recommended either at the east end or the west end of the planning area.

INTRODUCTION – The introduction to the description of proposed uses (at p. 14-15) specifically lists “performing arts space” and a “mixed-use community services/innovation center” as preferred uses, and “city services and civic functions such as event and meeting space” as “additional” uses of the “East End” (from 13th to 14th Streets between Canyon and Arapahoe). The “West End” (west of Broadway between Canyon and Arapahoe) is planned to accommodate a “small performing arts facility and meeting space.”

EAST END OPTION A – In the specific section of the Plan dedicated to the East End (at p. 21), options A and B are specifically focused on the performing arts. Option A “includes a mid-sized (up to 1,200 seats) performing arts center,” together with residential/hotel development and private offices. This is shown in the phasing plan as a City priority for 2014-2019 (p. 42). THIS IS OBVIOUSLY THE BOULDER CENTER’S PREFERRED OPTION, AND WE ARE WORKING HARD TO MAKE IT A REALITY.

EAST END OPTION B – Option B for the East End (also at p. 21) is a scaled down version of option A, including “a smaller events center (up to 500 seats)/flexible performance space and a service center” including “city hall functions (up to 110,000 square feet) and community meeting space.” This option could be tailored to realize the Boulder Center’s vision.

WEST END OPTION B – Although the West End options are more constrained, and option A focuses on redevelopment of the Senior Center, option B (p. 23) is for a “small performing arts facility and meeting space.” These improvements are scheduled for a later phase, in 2019, and might not fully implement the Boulder Center’s vision. However, the BCPA would advocate for this option if the East End options do not prove feasible.